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1996 Reports

SR-Special EPA Report
Developing a World Wide Web (WWW) site that public school teachers and students can use to bring environmental resources on the Internet into the classroom
Ricard W. Jensen
Gypsum and Polyacrylamide Soil Amendments Used With High Sodium Wastewater
Duane Gardiner
Volume-Duration-Frequencies for Ungaged Catchments in Texas
Ravi S. Devulapalli, Juan B. Valdes
The Use of Remotely Sensed Bioelectric Action Potentials to Evaluate Episodic Toxicity Events and Ambient Toxicity
W. Tom Waller, Miguel F. Acevedo, H. J. Allen, F. U. Schwalm
Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Model Description and User's Manual
Ralph A. Wurbs, David D. Dunn
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