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SR-Special EPA Report

Developing a World Wide Web (WWW) site that public school teachers and students can use to bring environmental resources on the Internet into the classroom

Ricard W. Jensen

The overall purpose of this project is to create a tool that educators throughout Texas can use to more easily gain access to environmental resources that are on the WWW. The specific objective is to create a WWW site ("Texas WaterNet") using free software that includes digitized information (including graphics, photographs, video clippings, and text files) about TWRI and its environmental and water-related research and education programs. For some time TWRI has produced educational information about water and environmental research in Texas that has been made available through printed newsletters. Texas WaterNet also links users to other sites in Texas and the U.S. with environmental education information. Teachers and students are shown a list of WWW sites that they can access. Materials developed in this program are useful for all classrooms with internet connections or high speed modems.

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