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2001 Reports

Brush, Water and Wildlife: A Compendium of Our Knowledge
Dale Rollins
Livestock Grazing Distribution: Considerations and Management
Robert K. Lyons and Richard V. Machen
Resources to Replace On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems in Texas
Ric Jensen
Institutional Adjustments for Coping with Prolonged and Severe Drought in the Rio Grande Basin
Frank A. Ward, Robert Young, Ronald Lacewell, J. Philip King, Marshall Frasier, J. Thomas McGuckin, Charles DuMars, James Booker, John Ellis, Raghavan Srinivasan
Quality and Membrane Treatability of the Lake Houston Water Supply
Shankar Chellam, Ramesh Sharma, Grishma Shetty, Ying Wei
Estimation of Recharge to the Middle Trinity Aquifer of Central Texas Using Water-Level Fluctuations
Marshall Jennings, Chad Thomas, John Burch, Brian Creutzburg, Lance Lambert
Impacts of Recreational and Commercial Fishing and Coastal Resource-Based Tourism on Regional and State Economies
Lonnie L. Jones, Aysen Tanyeri-Abur
Potential Water Savings in Irrigated Agriculture in the Lower Rio Grande Basin of Texas
Guy Fipps
Brush Management / Water Yield Feasibility Studies for Eight Watersheds in Texas
J. Richard Conner, Joel Bach, Bill Dugas, Ranjan Muttiah, Wesley Rosenthal, Steven Bednarz, Timothy Dybals
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