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2002 Reports

Agriculture Taxes in Texas
Lonnie L. Jones and Judith I. Stallmann
Lawn Water Management
James McAfee
Economic and Conservation Evaluation of Capital Renovation Projects: Edinburg Irrigation District Hidalgo County No. 1 - 72" Pipeline Replacing Delivery Canal and Multi-Size Pipeline Replacing Delivery Canal
M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Allen W. Sturdivant, John R. C. Robinson, Michael C. Popp, John R. Ellis
Economic Methodology for South Texas Irrigation Projects - RGIDECON
M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Allen W. Sturdivant, John R. C. Robinson, John R. Ellis
Economic and Conservation Evaluation of Capital Renovation Projects: Harlingen Irrigation District Cameron County No. 1 – Canal Meters and Telemetry Equipment, Impervious-Lining of Delivery Canals, Pipelines Replacing Delivery Canals, and On-Farm Delivery-Site Meters
M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Allen W. Sturdivant, John R. C. Robinson, Michael C. Popp, John R. Ellis
Ecosystem and Wildlife Implications of Brush: Management System Designed to Improve Water Runoff and Percolation
D. Albrey Arrington, Richard Conner, William Dugas, Sallie Hejl, Dawn Magness, Ranjan Muttiah, Keith Olenick, Wes Rosenthal, Raghavan Srinivasan, Kirk O. Winemiller, Michele Zinn, Neal Wilkins, Carl Amonett, Steve Bednarz, Tim Dybala, Rebecca Griffith, Hank Jarboe
Water Conservation for Restoration of Wildlife Habitats
Darrell N. Ueckert, Joseph L. Petersen
Simulating Water Use of Irrigated Corn on the Texas High Plains
T. J. Gerik, T. A. Howell, J. R. Williams, W. L. Harman, E. M. Steglich
Estimate of Seepage Losses from Canals in the Paso del Norte Region Using Ponding Tests
Z. Sheng, J. P. King, L. Brown, N. Ronquillo
Site Specific Management of Row and Vegetable Crops with Center Pivot Irrigation Under Traditional and Conservation Tillage
Nyland Falkenberg, George Di Giovanni, Megan Laffere, Ben Masters, H. O. Watkins
Shared and unique features of predator-associated morphological divergence in three livebearing fishes
R. Brian Langerhans, Craig A. Layman, A. Mona Shokrollahi, Thomas J. DeWitt
Effect of Irrigation Application Devices on Boll Set, Cotton Yield and Fiber Quality
Stacey L. Ontai, James P. Bordovsky
The Pecos River Ecosystem Project
Dr. Charles R. Hart
Questions about Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas
Bruce Lesikar, Ronald Kaiser, Valeen Silvy
Irrigating Cotton with Salty Water and Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Juan Enciso, Warren Multer, Paul Colaizzi
Effect of Row Pattern and Spacing on Water Use Efficiency for Subsurface Drip Irrigated Cotton
J. Enciso-Medina, B. L. Unruh, J. C. Henggeler, W. L. Multer
Creating Land Cover Input Datasets for the SWAT Model Using Landsat Imagery
Josh Peschel
Impacts of the Flood Impoundments on Water Balances of Downstream Riparian Corridors
Ranjan S. Muttiah, Jacquelyn R. Duke, Joseph D. White, Peter M. Allen
Streamflow Characteristics of Individual Watersheds on the Edwards Plateau
Randy Mayer
Management of Produced Water in Oil & Gas Operations: Produced Water Treatment and Re-use in Field Demonstrations of Natural Habitat Restoration
David B. Burnett GPRI
An Analysis of the HSPF Model for Predicting In-stream Fecal Coliform Concentrations
Sabu Paul, Marty Matlock, Ph.D., P.E., Patricia Haan Ph.D., Saqib Mukhtar, Ph.D.
Desalination of Produced Water Using Reverse Osmosis
Graciela Morales, Maria Barrufet
Overview of Texas A&M's Program for the Beneficial Use of Oil Field Produced Water
David Burnett, William E. Fox, Ph.D., Gene L. Theodori, Ph.D.
Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Documentation
S. L. Neitsch, J. G. Arnold, J. R. Kiniry, R. Srinivasan, J. R. Williams
Foliar Salt Damage of Landscape Plants Induced by Sprinkler Irrigation
S. Miyamoto, John M. White
Conditional Reliability Modeling To Support Short Term River Basin Management Decisions
Adalberto Salazar
Texas - Mexico Groundwater and Global Applications
Daniel R. Stein
Determining the Presence of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Private Water Well Samples of Texas
Dr. Monty C. Dozier, Dr. Dennis Hoffman
An Integrated Geospatial Database for Total Maximum Daily Load Modeling of the Lavaca Bay - Matagorda Bay Coastal Area
Jordan Furnans, David Maidment, Ben Hodges
Examining How Agricultural Production May Affect the Water Quality of Ground and Surface Waters in Floodplains of the Brazos River Near Bryan, TX
Clyde Munster
Effectiveness of Buffalograss Filter Strips in Removing Dissolved Metolachlor and Metolachlor Metabolites from Surface Runoff
L. J. Krutz, S. A. Senseman, M. C. Dozier, D. W. Hoffman, D. P. Tierney
Alternative Approaches to Estimate the Impact of Irrigation Water Shortages on Rio Grande Valley Agriculture
John R. C. Robinson
Uncertainty Analysis as a First Step of Developing a Risk-Based Approach to Nonpoint Source Modeling of Fecal Coliform Pollution for Total Maximum Daily Load Estimates
Sabu Paul, Marty Matlock, Ph.D., P.E., Patricia Haan Ph.D., Saqib Mukhtar, Ph.D., Suresh Pillai, Ph.D.
Metazoan Parasite Community Structure in Bluegill (lepomis macrochirus) as an Indicator of the Impact of Urbanization on 2 streams in San Antonio, Texas
M. Bhuthimethee, N. O. Dronen, W. H. Neill
Rice Water Irrigation: Conservation Management at the Lower Colorado River Authority
David J. Eaton
Determination of Regional Scale Evapotranspiration of Texas from NOAA - AVHRR satellite
Balaji Narasimhan, Dr. Raghavan Srinivasan
Pimephales promelas and Laboratory Bioassay Responses to Cadmium in Effluent Dominated Systems
Bryan W. Brooks, Jacob K. Stanley, Jessica C. White, Philip K. Turner, Duane B. Huggett, Thomas W. La Point
Arsenic Concentrations in Water Resources of the Choke Canyon/Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir System: Surface and Ground Waters
Jill Brandenberger, Patrick Louchouarn
Re-evaluating Surface Application Rates for Texas OSSF Systems
Clifford B. Fedler, John Borrelli
Determination of Regional Scale Evapotranspiration of Texas from NOAA - AVHRR Satellite
Balaji Narasimhan, Dr. Raghavan Srinivasan
A Sensitive Determination of Iodide Species in Fresh or Saline Matrixes Using High Performance Chromatography and UV/Visible Detection
Kathleen A. Schwehr, Peter H. Santschi
Caliche Soils as a Filter Medium for Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater
Dr. Larry P. Wilding, Ph.D., CPAg., Dr. Charles M. Woodruff, Jr., Phillip R. Owens
Rapid Risk Assessment of Watersheds and Dams using GIS and Modeling
Jacquelyn Duke, Joseph White, Peter Allen
Effects of nursery environmental cycles on larval red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) growth and survival
Rafael Pérez-Domínguez, Joan G. Holt
Efficient Water Use for Texans: Policies, Tools, and Management Strategies
Jan Gerston, Mark MacLeod, C. Allan Jones
Tradeoffs in Brush Management for Water Yield and Habitat Management in Texas: Twin Buttes Drainage Area and Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
Christopher R. Narayanan, Urs P. Kreuter, J. Richard Conner
ArcView Interface for SWAT2000
M. Di Luzio, R. Srinivasan, J.G. Arnold, S.L. Neitsch
Modeling the Effects of Low Flow Augmentation by Discharge from a Wastewater Treatment Plant on Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Leon Creek, San Antonio, Texas
Tejal A. Gholkar
Handbook of Texas Water Law: Problems and Needs
Ronald J. Kaiser
Guidelines for Developing Soil and Water Managment Programs: Irrigated Pecans
S. Miyamoto
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