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Site Specific Management of Row and Vegetable Crops with Center Pivot Irrigation Under Traditional and Conservation Tillage

Nyland Falkenberg, George Di Giovanni, Megan Laffere, Ben Masters, H. O. Watkins

In March of 2002, Nyland Falkenberg was awarded a $5,000 grant from TWRI to work with researcher Giovanni Piccinni at the Texas A&M Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Uvalde. The focus of this project, which is supported by U.S. Geological Survey funds, is to develop a way to assess all the various stresses that crops go through in their growth cycle, and to implement management strategies that will alleviate the adverse effects of these stressors. This paper was written by a team of Texas Agricultural Experiment researchers, including Piccinni, Falkenberg, and many others, and it presents some of the research Nyland is doing for TWRI in this project.

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