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Resources for Stormwater Managers throughout the Texas Gulf Coast: An Annotated Bibliography

John Jacob, Ric Jensen

The intent of this bibliography is to make stormwater professionals aware of publications published by the Texas A&M University System that are available at little or no cost.

When enacting or administering stormwater education programs, it can be quite difficult to locate objective, science-based resources that can be used to inform the public of actions they can take to help reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff.

The Texas A&M University System has produced a series of educational and technical resources that focus on stormwater management. These publications and technical materials describe practical methods homeowners can take to lessen pesticide and fertilizer applications to landscapes, thus reducing the potential for nonpoint pollution. These educational resources also present information on water conservation, rainwater harvesting, water quality protection, and other stormwater-related resources. Please note that some of these publications are listed in more than category since they may cover several interrelated stormwater issues.

Several of these publications can be downloaded from the Texas Cooperative Extension Bookstore. Once you are at this site, you will have to search by the author’s name, the title of the fact sheet, or the subject area to find the exact link to the on-line publication. You can also purchase printed copies of most of these materials from the TCE Bookstore.

This listing only presents materials produced by Texas Cooperative Extension, the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, the Texas Sea Grant Program, and other units of Texas A&M University. Other organizations have also published excellent resources pertaining to stormwater education resources for the Texas Gulf Coast.

It is hoped that these resources will benefit stormwater managers throughout Texas and the public they serve by helping to increase awareness about how individuals can make informed decisions to best protect coastal water resources.

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