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2006 Reports

The Development of a Coordinated Database for Water Resources and Flow Model in the Paso Del Norte Watershed
Zhuping Sheng, Sue Tillery, J. Phillip King, Bobby Creel, Christopher Brown, Ari Michelsen, Raghavan Srinivasan, Alfredo Granados
Federal Flood Assessment Conference Recommendations and Proceedings
Silvestre Reyes, Peter Brock, Ari Michelsen
Update of Estimated Agricultural Benefits Attributable to Drainage and Flood Control in Willacy County, Texas
Ronald D. Lacewell, Roger Freeman, David Petit, Ed Rister, Allan Sturdivant, Luis Ribera, Michele Zinn
Influence of Tributaries on Salinity of Amistad International Reservoir
S. Miyamoto, Fasong Yuan and Shilpa Anand
Reconnaissance Survey of Salt Sources and Loading into the Pecos River
S. Miyamoto, Fasong Yuan, and Shilpa Anand
Economic and Conservation Evaluation of Capital Renovation Projects: United Irrigation District of Hidalgo County (United) - Rehabilitation of Main Canal, Laterals, and Diversion Pump Station - Final
M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Allen W. Sturdivan
Diagnosis and Management of Salinity Problems In Irrigated Pecan Productions
S. Miyamoto
Assessment Of Bacterial Sources Impacting Lake Waco And Belton Lake
George D. Di Giovanni
Hydrology of the Texas Blackland Prairie: Riesel Watershed Data and Published Hydrologic Relationships
U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service
Validating the Estimated Cost of Saving Water Through Infrastructure Rehabilitation in the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley
Allen W. Sturdivant, M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Callie S. Rogers
The Influences of Human Activities on the Waters of the Pecos Basin of Texas: A Brief Overview
R. Jensen, W. Hatler, M. Mecke, C. Hart
Goal Seek Pamphlet for VIDRA© - HCID#1
C. Rogers, A. Sturdivant, M. Rister, R. Lacewell
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