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Goal Seek Pamphlet For VIDRA© - DLID

A. Sturdivant, M. Rister, R. Lacewell, C. Rogers

VIDRA© (Valley Irrigation District Rate Analyzer) is a work-in-process and is being (has been) developed with collaboration from the Delta Lake Irrigation District (DLID) and other Lower Rio Grande Valley irrigation districts. The primary function of VIDRA© is to provide an irrigation district (ID) a means of 'what-if' analysis for analyzing an upcoming year's potential estimated financial data with simultaneous changes in rates, expenses, or other water-delivery related parameters for the irrigation district. In addition, one can make a separate VIDRA© worksheet copy and then input actual, end-of-the-year data for a post-year analysis. That is, both 'budgeted' and 'historical' versions of analysis are possible. Though robust, VIDRA©s purpose is to provide a focal point for conversation, information, and insights only, not provide absolute authority over the decision making of rates and/or other ID policies.

Though careful efforts to insure complete formulae accuracy have been incorporated, no expressed or implied guarantees are provided with regards to VIDRA© - DLID. All responsibility lies with the user. Analyses using VIDRA© require accurate, complete, and correctly-placed data input, as well as proper interpretive skills of the user. Substantial Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheeting skills are also a must. VIDRA© - DLID is customized for DLID (“the District”) and meant for limited distribution. Providing copies to others separate from the District is prohibited.

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