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Economic and Financial Implications of the ZEROS Technology

M. Rister, R. Lacewell, A. Sturdivant

A conceptual understanding of the complexity of the ZEROS technology is realized andincorporated into both a base (i.e., benchmark) and a robust scenario analyzed and discussed in thisreport. The calculated economic and financial feasibility results, based on engineering andchemical factors, suggest that for these scenarios the technology has substantial potential for beingprofitable. A set of extensive sensitivity results are presented, reinforcing the base conclusionsregarding the potential profitability of the ZEROS technology, but also identifying the possibilitythat variations in values for a combination of the numerous input factors could negatively affect theapparent potential of the technology. Alternatively, energy prices could increase, resulting in amore favorable prospect for the technology. The reported results for the robust scenario materiallydemonstrate the importance of considering financing, federal taxation, and incentives in detailwhen considering capital investment projects. Given the data available for the Killeen ZEROSproject and the extent of the analyses reported, the ZEROS technology appears to have potentialmerit as a profitable investment. Additional economic and financial investigations are warrantedwhere system locations or fuel differences or other issues are different than that analyzed in thisreport.

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