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Evaluation of Electrostatic Particle Ionization and BioCurtain Technologies to Reduce Dust, Odor and other Pollutants from Broiler Houses

S. Jerez, S. Muhktar, W. Faulkner, K. Casey, S. Borhan, A. Hoff, B. VanDelist

This project tested the effectiveness of a BioCurtain™ and Electrostatic Particle Ionization (EPI™) system in reducing NH3, H2S, and TSP emissions from a broiler house during short periods in September and December 2010. This project found:

  1. A reduction of about 9%, in the emission of NH3 and H2S gases (1060 vs. 960 g/hr for NH3 and 9.3 vs. 8.5 g/hr. for H2S) in December when only the BioCurtain™ was active.
  2. The BioCurtain™ resulted in a 34% (325 vs. 213 g/hr. in September) to 43% (396 vs. 227 g/hr in December) reduction in the TSP emission.
  3. The EPI™ system reduced the NH3 and TSP emission rates by as much as 17% and 39%, respectively.
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