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The use of GIS as a Real Time Decision Support System for Irrigation Districts

G. Bonaiti, G. Fipps

The objectives were to provide the districts with a simple tool that would improve the availability of pumps and gates data from the existing SCADA system, improve the management of water orders, and allow access of data by account holders through the
internet. An important component of the project was to interact and train District personnel. The final product of the project is a website, where pump and gates operations and water orders information are displayed in real-time, along with links to related historical data and other information.

The on-line tool has three main components: 1) possibility to query real time and historic data from a new reorganized database created in our server; 2) status maps for display in real time of selected spatial information and alarms; 3) interactive maps for display of desired spatial information in real time and query historic spatial information. The main meaning of the status maps is to enable a friendlier and quicker access to the frequently used data. SCADA data include On/Off, current flow, upstream and downstream water level, and gate position. Water account data include pending orders, payment delinquents, and water balances.

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