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Pecos River Watershed Protection Plan Update

L. Gregory, L. Hauck, B. Blumenthal, M. Brown, A. Porter

Implementation of the Pecos River Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) began in November 2009 upon acceptance of the WPP by EPA. The primary goals of implementing the plan are to improve the health of the Pecos River watershed and instream water quality in the river and its tributaries. Considerable implementation progress has been made across the watershed; however, the need for continued implementation remains.

The Pecos River WPP Update is a document that is developed and approved to be published. This report will contain updates on tracking the progress of implementation, saltcedar eradication efforts, education and outreach activities, and water quality monitoring in the watershed. This report will document and provide updates and any issues or adaptive management decisions on all of the measures within the WPP and any modifications to the goals and strategies identified in the WPP.

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