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Implementing the Pecos River WPP through a Heliborne Electromagnetic (EM) Survey: Final Report

L. Gregory, Z. Sheng, A. El Hassan, A.K. McDonald, A. Porter

The Pecos River Watershed Protection Plan identifies the need to identify the sources and specific locations of salinity loading to the river; specifically between Pecos, TX and Girvin, TX. Between these points, the river traverses more than 100 miles making intensive, ground-based data collection extremely difficult and time consuming. To allow for rapid and continuous data collection, a Heliborne Electromagnetic (EM) Survey was planned. Its goals are to 1) identify salinity sources and understand mechanisms of solute transport in the Pecos River and 2) gain a better understanding of hydrological connections between surface water and groundwater as well as inter-aquifer (shallow-deep aquifers) exchange. However, landowner’s privacy concerns prevented the survey from being conducted and led to the early termination of the project.

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