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2015 Reports

Expansion and Evaluation of Texas’ Bacterial Source Tracking Program
G.D. Di Giovanni, E.A. Casarez, J. A. Truesdale,T.J. Gentry, P. Wanjugi, E. Martin, K. Wagner
Distribution of E. coli levels and recreation use as factor of stream order in the Central Great Plains, Central Oklahoma/Texas Plains and South Central Plains Ecoregions
K. Rafi. K.L. Wagner, T.J. Gentry, R. Karthikeyan
Bacteria Growth, Persistence, and Source Assessment in Rural Texas Landscapes and Streams: Final Report
L. Gregory, R. Karthikeyan, T. Gentry, D. Harmel, K. Wagner, R. Lopez
Non-Traditional Agriculture: Path to Future Food Production?
P. Harrington, R. D. Lacewell, C. R. Taylor
Arenosa Creek Surface Water Quality Monitoring Report
B.Jonescu, L. Gregory, A. Berthold, K.Wagner
Impacts of Institutions on Water Conservation Incentives in the Texas Rio Grande Valley
P. Harrington, R. Lacewell
Texas Riparian & Stream Ecosystem Education Program Final Report 2015
N. Dictson, A. Berthold, C. Entwistle, H. Simpson, S. Lewey
Pathogen Risk to Human Health in Potable Water Related to Nonpoint Sources of Contamination: Colorado River Alluvium Case Study, River Segment 1428 Phase II Final Report
T.A. Berthold, T. Gentry
Potential Cropping Benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Applications
R. D. Lacewell, P, Harrington
Basin Approach to Address Bacterial Impairments in the Navasota River Watershed
L. Gregory, A. Gitter, K. Lazar
Drought Hazard and Vulnerability Maps for Texas
D. Rajsekhar, V. P. Singh
A Review of Discounting Natural Resources
L.R. Dutton, M.E. Rister, R.D. Lacewell, A.W. Sturdivant
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