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2018 Reports

Escherichia coli and Dissolved Oxygen Trends in the Upper Llano River Watershed, Texas (2001-2016)
M. Schramm, T. Broad, T. Arsuffi
Coordinating Implementation of the Upper Llano River Watershed Protection Plan
T. Broad, T. Arsuffi, M. Schramm
Texas Bacterial Source Tracking Program Application, Expansion and Marker Evaluation (FY16–FY17)
L. Gregory, T.J. Gentry, M. Mukherjee, R. Rodriguez, E.A. Casarez, J.A. Truesdale
Lavaca River Watershed Protection Plan
M. Schramm, A. Berthold, C. Entwistle, K. Peddicord
Continued Statewide Delivery of the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON)
D. Boellstorff, D. Gholson, D. Kalisek, J. Smith, R. Gerlich, A. Truong, A. Berthold, A. Jantrania
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