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A Farm-Level Evaluation of Agricultural Profit and Ground Water Quality: Texas Seymour Aquifer
Manzoor E. Chowdhury, Ronald D. Lacewell, Bruce A. McCarl, Teofilo Ozuna, Jr., Verel W. Benson, Billy L. Harris, Paul T. Dyke
Legal and Institutional Barriers to Water Marketing in Texas
Ronald A. Kaiser, Frederick Boadu, James Mertes, Ann Barnett, Laura M. Phillips
Environmental Issues of the U.S.-Mexico Border Region: A Workshop Summary
Howard L. Malstrom, Wayne R. Jordan
Reservoir/River System Reliability Considering Water Rights and Water Quality
Ralph A. Wurbs, Gerardo Sanchez-Torres, David D. Dunn


Farmers, Lenders and Water Districts Response to Texas
Ronald D. Lacewell, Eduardo Segarra, Troy Lopez, Jeff Johnson, John Robinson, Hovav Talpaz, Bobby Stanaland, Ragy Darwish, Kary Mathis, Sukant Ruma Misra
A Lumped Parameter Model for the Edwards Aquifer
Nisai Wanakule, Roberto Anaya
Water and Solute Flow in a Highly-Structured Soil
Willem J. Heuvelman, Kevin J. McInnes, Larry P. Wilding, C. Tom Hallmark
Natural Salt Pollution and Water Supply Reliability in the Brazos River Basin
Ralph A. Wurbs, Awes S. Karama, Ishtiaque Saleh, C. Keith Ganze
The Edwards Aquifer: An Economic Perspective
Robert A. Collinge, Peter M. Emerson, Ronald C. Griffin, Bruce A. McCarl, John D. Merrifield
Economic and Hydrologic Implications of Proposed Edwards Aquifer Management Plans
Bruce A. McCarl, Wayne R. Jordan, R. Lynn Williams, Lonnie L. Jones, Carl R. Dillon
Economic Impact of Withdrawing Specific Agricultural Pesticides in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
Kelly J. Bryant, Ronald D. Lacewell, John R. C. Robinson, John W. Norman, Jr., Alton N. Sparks, Jr., John E. Bremer
Effectiveness of Native Species Buffer Zones for Nonstructural Treatment of Urban Runoff
Roger H. Glick, Mary Leigh Wolfe, Thomas L. Thurow
The Expanding Dairy Industry: Impact on Ground Water Quality and Quantity with Emphasis on Waste Management System Evaluation for Open Lot Dairies
John M. Sweeten, Mary Leigh Wolfe

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