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Economic Implications of Farmer Storage of Surface Irrigation Water in Federal Projects: El Paso County, Texas
G. C. Cornforth, R. D. Lacewell
Assessment of Stormflow and Water Quality from Undisturbed and Site Prepared Forest Land in East Texas (Interim Report)
M. G. DeHaven, W. H. Blackburn, R. W. Knight, A. T. Weichert
Break-Even Investment in a Wind Energy Conversion System for an Irrigated Farm on the Texas High Plains
D. C. Hardin, R. D. Lacewell
Feasibility Study of the Effects of Water Quality on Soil Properties in the Red River Valley
C. J. Gerard, B. W. Hipp, J. R. Runkles, D. J. Bordovsky, W. G. McCully
Contaminant Transport in Hydrogeologic Systems
C. Chin, D. L. Redden
TR-113 Summary Report
Improved Water and Nutrient Management Through HighFrequency Irrigation
T. A. Howell, K. W. Brown, R. J. Newton, D. L. Redden, M. J. McFarland
Survey and Control of Synthetic Organics in Texas Water Supplies
B. Batchelor, J. D. Shannon, P. Yang


TR-113 Vol. 3
Determining the Transpiration Rate of Peach Trees Under Two Trickle Irrigation Regimes
T. A. Howell, M. J. McFarland, D. L. Reddell, K. W. Brown, R. J. Newton, P. B. Rodrigue, C. H. M. Van Bavel, E. L. Reeder
TR-113 Vol. 2
Response of Peanuts to Irrigation Management at Different Crop Growth Stages
T. A. Howell, M. J. McFarland, D. L. Reddell, K. W. Brown, R. J. Newton, P. Dahmen
TR-113 Vol. 1
Comparison of Methods for Determining Soil Hydraulic Characteristics
T. A. Howell, M. J. McFarland, D. L. Reddell, K. W. Brown, R. J. Newton, K. B. Humphreys
The Agricultural Benefits of Salinity Control on the Red River of Texas and Oklahoma
D. H. Laughlin, R. D. Lacewell, D. S. Moore
Economically Optimum Agricultural Utilization of a Reclaimed Water Resource in the Texas Rolling Plains
T. Zacharias, C. R. Taylor, R. D. Lacewell
Evaluation of the Impact of Texas Lignite Development on Texas Water Resources
C. C. Mathewson, C. L. Cason
Automation of Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation Systems to More Efficiently Utilize Rainfall and Irrigation Water
C. W. Wendt, J. R. Runkles, M. D. Gerst, H. P. Harbert, III, R. B. Hutmacher
Impact of Alternative Energy Prices, Tenure Arrangements and Irrigation Technologies on a Typical Texas High Plains Farm
J. A. Petty, R. D. Lacewell, D. C. Hardin, R. E. Whitson
New Irrigation System Design for Maximizing Irrigation Efficiency and Increasing Rainfall Utilization
W. M. Lyle, J. P. Bordovsky
TR-104 Vol. 2
Heat Transport in Groundwater Systems--Laboratory Model
D. B. Reed, D. L. Reddell
TR-104 Vol. 1
Heat Transport in Groundwater Systems--Finite Element Model
E. K. Grubaugh, D. L. Reddell
Optimal Use of Groundwater and Surface Water to Reduce Land Subsidence
G. Acosta-Gonzalez, D. L. Reddell

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