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TWRI Briefs

RGBI Conference Success

More than 100 participants attended the 2008 Annual Rio Grande Basin Initiative (RGBI) Conference held July 14-17 in Las Cruces, NM, at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum. Project participants highlighted their accomplishments and discussed plans to continue ongoing efforts or initiate new activities through the Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation in the Rio Grande Basin project.

The annual progress and accomplishments report and conference presentations, notes and photos can be found on the conference wrap-up Web site.

TWRI welcomes new staff

Gary Bryant recently joined the Texas AgriLife Extension Service as a program specialist for water programs. He works for the Texas Water Resources Institute in Fort Stockton, replacing Mike Mecke, who recently retired.

Bryant is working with AgriLife Extension agents and specialists, federal and state agency personnel, and various water clientele to develop and deliver Extension educational programs focusing on priority water needs of West Texas.

Bryant has been involved in soil sciences for more than 20 years, including soil hydraulic conductivity, salinity issues, revegetation, on-site waste disposal, point and non-point source pollution control, and property management. Prior to joining AgriLife Extension, Bryant was founder and president of Soil and Water Services, Inc. in Blue Ridge, Georgia. He has also held positions in Alaska, New Mexico, and Texas. He was a consultant with the supercollider project and lignite mining operations in Texas.

Bryant earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas and his master's degree from Texas Tech University.

Jaime Flores recently joined the Texas Water Resources Institute as the watershed coordinator for the institute's Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan Implementation project, replacing Laura DeLeGarza.

As watershed coordinator, Flores coordinates the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Steering Committee. He also facilitates and tracks implementation measures described in the completed watershed protection plan for the Arroyo Colorado. Flores works with the steering committee members to publicize and build awareness for these watershed improvement efforts, provide extensive outreach and education, and seek additional funding for implementation activities.

Flores received his bachelor's degree in geology from Baylor University and has 15 years of experience in the environmental industry. Flores has worked primarily in the Rio Grande Valley. Prior to joining the institute, he was with Geologic Drilling Inc.

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