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TWRI goes digital with journal, water library

While some news industry experts predict paperless newspapers and magazines in the future, the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) is already publishing a digital journal and participating in a water digital library.

TWRI and the nonprofit organization The Texas Water Journal publish the online journal by the same name, which is devoted to Texas water resources management and policy issues from a multidisciplinary perspective that integrates science, engineering, law, planning, and other disciplines. It also provides updates on key state legislation and policy changes by Texas administrative agencies.

Editorial board members are Dr. Todd Votteler, executive manager of intergovernmental relations and policy for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; Dr. Ralph Wurbs, TWRI's associate director for engineering and professor in Texas A&M University's Zachry Department of Civil Engineering; and Kathy Alexander-Martin. Votteler is the editor in chief. TWRI staffers Kathy Wythe, Leslie Lee, and Jaclyn Tech serve as the editorial/support team.

The Texas Water Journal can be viewed at Authors can submit papers through the website.

TWRI is also involved with the Texas Water Digital Library (TWDL), an online repository for the research and works of Texas university water resources entities. TWDL creates a single place for researchers to find water data from every part of the state.

Dr. John Leggett of the Texas A&M University Libraries and Mark McFarland of the University of Texas Libraries, both co-directors of the Texas Digital Library, formed a group to create the TWDL.

Dr. David Maidment, director of the Center for Research in Water Resources at The University of Texas at Austin; Dr. B.L. Harris, acting director of TWRI; and Dr. Ken Rainwater, director of the Texas Tech University Water Resources Center, are working with Leggett, McFarland, and digital library professionals from those universities to build the repository. Still in the development stage, the digital library can viewed at

Much of the TWRI information that will be in the TWDL already resides in the Texas AgriLife Research section of the Texas A&M University Libraries Digital Repository.

TWRI on Twitter

Timely information and links from the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) are now available on Twitter. Visit to stay current on water research and outreach news in Texas, including training course announcements, research outcomes, meeting announcements, and news articles.

If you're on Twitter, join in the conversation. Twitter is a great place to ask TWRI questions about funding opportunities, research and outreach projects, and Texas water facts.

TWRI offers free publications!

Enjoyed reading this issue of txH2O? You can receive txH2O and Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) publications by subscribing online at Also tell us what you think of the magazine by taking the online survey found on that page.

txH2O is published three times a year and spotlights not only TWRI projects and results but also other university research and educational projects dealing with water resources. It also features in-depth articles on major water resources issues in Texas, ranging from agricultural nonpoint source pollution to landscaping for water conservation.

New Waves, an email newsletter, publishes timely information about water resources news, results of projects and programs, and new water-related research projects, publications, and faculty at Texas universities.

RGBI Outcomes is an eight-page newsletter spotlighting research and education programs of the Rio Grande Basin Initiative, a federally funded project focused on increasing available water through efficient irrigation and water conservation.

Periodically, the institute publishes project-specific newsletters, fact sheets, and other publications. Read those at the specific project's website.

In cooperation with Texas AgriLife Research scientists, Texas AgriLife Extension Service professionals, and others, the institute publishes technical reports and educational publications that provide details of water resources issues from various locations within the state. Visit for the complete list.

TWRI facilitates USGS grants to faculty

In addition to administering an annual grant program for graduate students in water resources-related fields, the Texas Water Resources Institute also facilitates Texas researchers' participation in the National Competitive Grants Program. This program provides research grants of up to $250,000 for faculty in water resources. The grants support research on water supply and water availability, including investigations of possible new sources of supply, improvement of impaired waters, conservation of existing sources, and limits on growth in demand. The program is funded by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources. Of the researchers from Texas who have applied to the program, an average of one in three has received funding. To learn more about this program, visit html or email Leslie Lee at

For information about other Texas Water Resources Institute projects, visit

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