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TWRI Brief

For eight years, the Texas Water Resources Institute’s txH2O has met a unique need in Texas by bridging the information gap between citizens and scientists, featuring stories on current water resources research and outreach programs in Texas and providing science-based perspectives on priority water issues facing the region. The magazine continues to be the institute’s flagship publication, and electronic and hard copy subscriptions have continually increased over the years.

Now more than ever, the institute is committed to advancing water research and education, and txH2O is an integral part of that work. With decreasing budgets and higher publications costs, we are seeking ways to make the continuation of txH2O sustainable. The institute is inviting individuals and organizations to become a part of the txH2O team by becoming sponsors. Sponsors will be recognized for their support by having their name and/or logo published in each issue of the magazine.

For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact Kathy Wythe, txH2O editor, at kwythe@tamu.edu.

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