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Aquifer Storage and Recovery and the Texas A&M Initiative

Twinoaksasrplant SAWS Twin Oaks ASR Plant

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is a technology identified in the Texas Water Plan 2012 as providing a portion of the new water supply required to meet the growing Texas water demand.

A report, “Assessment of ASR in Texas,” prepared by Malcolm Pirnie (now Arcadia) in 2011 describes ASR as, “The storage of water in a suitable aquifer through a well during times when water is available and recovery of the water during times when it is needed, using the same or a different well for recovery.”

In the bill he authored (HB 3013) in 2013, Representative Lyle Larson expanded the definition to include the storage of surface water, groundwater, or treated effluent into a suitable aquifer for later retrieval and beneficial use from the injection well or another well.

A review of the Arcadia report; Representative Larson’s advocacy for ASR; and the performance of the three ASR facilities that operate in Texas identify ASR as a superior strategy for water storage. The Texas Water Plan 2012 includes the technology as part of the plan to meet future water needs but not with as much enthusiasm as other sources.

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