Name: T. Allen Berthold
Affiliation: AgriLife Research
Department: Texas Water Resources Institute
Phone: 979-845-2028
Expertise: (1) assessing educational needs for urban landowners and agricultural producers related to both water quantity and water quality, (2) assessing adoption of best management practices by landowners that will sustain agricultural production and conserve water resources, including BMPs for bacteria, nutrients, pesticides and sediment (3) program effectiveness, (4) conducting urban, coastal and agricultural watershed-based assessment, planning, and stakeholder engagement to address water quality and quantity issues; low impact development, stormwater management, rain gardens, stream processes. also focuses on water quality standards, regulatory agencies, surface water standards,
Water Resources Program Areas:
  • Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Crop and Landscape Water Use
  • Drinking Water and Public Health
  • Economics and Policy Aspects of Water Resources
  • Water Management for Range and Forest Lands
  • Water Quality and Watershed Protection
  • Wetlands and Coastal Studies