Name: Kevin Wagner
Affiliation: AgriLife Research
Department: Texas Water Resources Institute
Phone: 979-845-2649
Expertise: Research to (1) determine the environmental and agricultural response of watersheds to land management activities, particularly the effects of agricultural management (grazing, fertilization, etc.) on the quality and quantity of water flowing from agricultural watersheds and (2) develop and evaluate management systems designed to sustain agricultural productivity, enhance profitability, and protect soil and water resources. Training of water professionals, undergraduate students, and graduate students on watershed planning, watershed assessment, and water policy. Urban, coastal, agricultural watershed-based management, including assessment, planning, implementing and stakeholder engagement to address water quality impairments and water and other natural resource issues; also livestock; best management practices for bacteria, nutrients, pesticides and sediment; rangeland management; regulatory agencies; surface water standards; water conservation & quality; water law, economics & policy, including drinking water standards, water quality standards, regulatory agencies; water quality associated with poultry; water quality testing
Water Resources Program Areas:
  • Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
  • Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Crop and Landscape Water Use
  • Drinking Water and Public Health
  • Economics and Policy Aspects of Water Resources
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Supplies
  • Water Management for Range and Forest Lands
  • Water Quality and Watershed Protection
  • Water Security
  • Water/Energy nexus
  • Wetlands and Coastal Studies