Name: William Fox
Affiliation: AgriLife Research and Extension
Department: Ecosystem Science and Management; Texas Water Resources Institute; Blackland AREC
Phone: 254.774.6034
Expertise: Provides leadership for the Rangeland Revegetation Pilot Project Federal Initiative for Fort Hood, Texas, which has the goal of developing best management practices for rehabilitating degraded rangelands used for military training exercises; maintains a role in efforts regarding desalination program relating to the development of environmental programs to monitor benefits and potential impacts in the use of treated brackish water from oil and gas production; partners with BREC modeling faculty on the application of new decision support tools for managing natural resources and the application of bio-physical based computer simulation models in assessing ecosystem level programs.
Water Resources Program Areas:
  • Hydrologic Modeling and Geographic Information Systems
  • Water Management for Range and Forest Lands