2008-09 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2008-09 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

Dipankar Dwivedi , BAEN
Develop an understanding and systematically investigate the transport and fate of E. coli in Lake Granbury
Proposal Report
Dipankar Dwivedi
Cara Harclerode , SCSC
Tracking e. coli and nutrients in a local impaired stream
Proposal Report
Cara Harclerode
Leon Holgate , SCSC
Irrigation water source: effect on soil nutrient dynamics and microbial diversity
Leon Holgate
Sanghyun Kim , CVEN
Enhancement and evaluation of microbial degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds
Proposal Report
Sanghyun Kim
Chihun Lee , CVEN
Investigation of the impacts of natural salt pollution on water supply capabilities of river/reservoir systems in Texas.
Proposal Report
Chihun Lee
Andrew Leidner , AGEC
Analysis of economic models for desalination production and associated energy use
Andrew Leidner
Reema Padia , BAEN
Identification, characterization, and quantification of E. coli loads resulting from various sources in Cedar creek watershed
Reema Padia
Israel Parker , WFSC
A study to identify, characterize, and quantify E. coli deposition from free-ranging wildlife populations into a floodplain adjacent to an impaired water body
Proposal Report
Israel Parker
Bailey Sullivan , BAEN
Antibiotic Resistance Reservoirs and Transfer Mechanisms in Natural and Engineered Aquatic Systems
Bailey Sullivan
Chan Yong Sung , ARCH
Low Impact Development for Protecting Urban Riparian Ecosystem: Evaluation of Watershed Protection Ordinance in City of Austin, Texas
Proposal Final Report CELA 2008-09 Proceedings
Chan Yong Sung
Sean Tolle , BAEN
Modeling the transport of nitrogen from its sources through the vadose zone and aquifer system with advanced modeling and data assimilation techniques
Proposal Final Report
Sean Tolle
Bhavana Viswanathan , HORT
The effect of impervious pavements on soil-water health, water quality and runoff in manureAmerican sweetgum plots
Proposal Report
Bhavana Viswanathan
Yujin Wen , SCSC
Deficit irrigation planning in the Texas Wintergarden
Proposal Report
Yujin Wen
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