2009-10 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2009-10 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

Bhavna Arora , WMHS
To understand and control contamination in the unsaturated zone, and to prevent transport of harmful chemicals to groundwater.
Bhavna Arora
Hannah Childress , BAEN
Characterize and investigate the effectiveness of UV light disinfection in reducing the concentration of tetracycline-resistant genes.
Hannah Childress
Chandana Damodaram , CVEN
Research will focus on building a simulation model and modeling approach to study the hydrologic performance of LID
Chandana Damodaram
Takele Dinka , SCSC
To study a spatial and temporal variation of soil shrink-swell activity in a Vertisols catena.
Takele Dinka
Celso Ferreira , CVEN
This project will consist of applying a GIS based approach to evaluate damage from global warming scenarios of hurricane related storm surge and riverine flooding over the Corpus Christy area.
Celso Ferreira
Marcio Hofheinz Giacomoni , CVEN
Implementing the Hydrologic Footprint Model to model BMPs and LID and determine downstream effects.
Marcio Hofheinz Giacomoni
Yixiao Liu , LAUP
The research project will explore green roof technology in its effectiveness to mitigate storm water runoff from rooftops at Texas A&M University.
Yixiao Liu
Di Long , BAEN
To derive distributions of actual ET over Texas from a remote sensing-based model SEBAL using free MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) data products in conjunction with ancillary meteorological data.
Di Long
Leonardo Rivera , SCSC
The overall objective of this research is to study of the effects of land use.
Leonardo Rivera
Sanjay Tewari , CVEN
This study focuses on desorption of adsorbed ions and regeneration of CA.
Sanjay Tewari
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