2010-11 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2010-11 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

Calvin Clary , SCSC/WMHS
Demonstrating Grazing Land BMPs
Calvin Clary
Ann Conrad , AGEC
Examining least-cost methods of producing and providing a bioenergy refinery with high energy sorghum and/or switch grass in the Rio Grande Valley
Ann Conrad
Ishan Desai , CVEN
Removing alklyphenols from effluents used in wastewater reuse by oxidation
Ishan Desai
Jim Florey , SCSC
Removing viruses from water/wastewater with organo-clay nanocomposites
Jim Florey
Natanya Hayden , WFSC
Testing and developing an ecologically benign and sustainable management plan for Golden Algae
Natanya Hayden
Derek H. Husmoen , SCSC
Recycling and incorporating biochar from pyrolysis of biomass feedstocks and evaluating resulting soil and water quality
Derek Husmoen
Jasjeet Kaur , BAEN
Removing of waterborne pathogens using advanced photocatalytic processes
Jasjeet Kaur
Parvathy T. Kochunarayanan , CVEN
Examining the biodegradation potential of two perfluorinated compounds under anaerobic conditions
Parvathy Kochunarayanan
John Mieles , GEOL
Examining the analytical modeling of permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) constructed in the saturated zone
John Mieles
Mark Musumba , AGEC
Developing and applying a model of groundwater depletion in the context of total Texas water allocation to analyze climate change implications
Mark Musumba
Michael Neisch , WFSC
Studying the effectiveness of grass carp as a control mechanism for giant salvinia
Michael Neisch
Brandi Reese , OCEN
Characterizing sulfate-reducing bacteria using sediment sulfate reduction rates and insitu community Analysis on the Texas Coast
Brandi Reese
Min-cheng Tu , ESSM/WMHS
Modeling soil erosion and sediment transport in Cowhouse Creek Watershed
Min-cheng Tu
Dirac Twidwell , ESSM
Examining the effects of prescribed fire and mechanical brush removal on plant community dynamics and distributed recharge over the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer in Wintergarden
Dirac Twidwell
George Umphres , WFSC
Using a chemical approach to control the initiation of a Golden Algae bloom
George Umphres
Crystal Watkins , WFSC
Evaluating evidence of reproductive abnormalities of western mosquito fish in associations with wastewater treatment plant effluents in Harris County, Texas
Crystal Watkins
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