2011-12 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2011-12 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

Danielle Cioce , SCSC
Watershed Sources and Fates of DOC
Danielle Cioce
Danielle Dittrich , SCSC
Nitrate Crediting Study on Cotton Under Subsurface Drip, Furrow, and Pivot Irrigation Systems
Danielle Dittrich
Aaron Forbis-Stokes , CVEN
Effects of Climate Change on On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems – Galveston, TX
Aaron Forbis-Stokes
Jose Franco , ESSM
Functional diversity and its effects on water‐use efficiency in an organic intercropping system
Jose Franco
Si Gou , CVEN
Identifying Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems in Texas
Si Gou
Zengchao Hao , BAEN
Urban drainage system design using improved rainfall analysis
Zengchao Hao
Chi-Ying Huang , WMHS
Simulation of Land Use Impacts on Water Resources
Chi-Ying Huang
Kirk Laminack , HORT
The effect of green roofs on water quality
Proposal Summary Report
Kirk Laminack
Do Gyun Lee , CVEN
Using molecular assays to determine the biodegradation potential of triclosan in Texas rivers
Do Gyun Lee
Jason McAlister , ESSM
Using digital echosounder profiles to provide high-resolution lake bathymetry and sediment distribution
Jason McAlister
Jinfei Sheng , AGEC
El Nino- Southern Oscillation’s impacts on Texas water resources
Proposal Project Report
Jinfei Sheng
Sasathorn Tapaneeyakul , ESSM
Developing a conceptual framework in economic valuation of watersheds
Sasathorn Tapaneeyakul
Wei-Wei Wang , AGEC
Developing an accurate estimate of current and future groundwater resource capabilities
Wei-Wei Wang
Brant Wilbourn , AGEC
Identifying and determining the economic and water use implications of alternative irrigation technologies
Brant Wilbourn
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