2015-16 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2015-16 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

John Blake , CVEN
Green Water Mapping and Management for Future Water Savings
Proposal Report
John Blake
Askarali Karimov , CVEN
Extension of Water Availability Modeling for the Rio Grande River using Water Rights Analysis Package. Development short and long-term water reliability and firm yields for Amistad and Falcon reservoir systems using Conditional Reliability Modeling
Proposal Report
Askarali Karimov
Kyungtae Lee , CVEN
Impact of future hydrologic extremes on water supply and irrigation water demand under changing climate in Texas
Proposal Report
Kyungtae Lee
Jifar Nata , WMHS
Energy, agriculture and municipal demand for groundwater: planning for the future of the San Antonio Region
Jifar Nata
Kimberly Rhodes , WMHS
Quantifying Water Exchange Between the Brazos River and the Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer
Proposal Report
Kimberly Rhodes
Xiangmin Sun , ESSM
Combined High-Resolution Remote Sensing for Measuring Evapotranspiration in Brazos County, TX
Proposal Report
Xiangmin Sun
Anastasia Thayer , AGEC
Assessing crop yields under climate change and decadal climate variability in the High Plains: impacts and adaptation strategies
Proposal Report
Anastasia Thayer
Liyan Tian , GEOS
Impact of climate oscillations on precipitation variability in Texas
Proposal Report
Liyan Tian
Gang Zhao , CVEN
Future water availability in Texas cities under urbanization and climate change: A case study in Dallas
Proposal Report
Gang Zhao
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