2017 Mills Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded Mills Scholarships in 2017 to the Texas A&M University graduate students listed below.

Sierra Cagle , WFSC
An Experimental Approach to Understanding the Mechanism Underlying Site Specific Salinity Thresholds Linked to Fish Killing Prymnesium Parvum Blooms in Texas Reservoirs
Proposal Report
Sierra Cagle
Ajinkya Deshpande , ESSM
Relating Riparian Health to River Hydrodynamics and Climate Using Dendrochronology and Tree Ring Carbon Isotope Composition
Proposal Proposal
Ajinkya Deshpande
Jennifer Morton , WFSC
Determining Drought Tolerances of Freshwater Mussels in Texas and the Implications for Environmental Flows
Proposal Report
Jennifer Morton
Wan-Yi Wei , WMHS
Low Impact Development Research
Proposal Report
Wan-Yi Wei
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