2001-02 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2001-02 to the graduate students listed below.

Jill Brandenberger , Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi
Arsenic Concentration in Water Resources of the Choke Canyon/Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir System: Surface and Ground Waters
Jill Brandenberger
Bryan Brooks , University of North Texas
Pimephales promelas and Laboratory Bioassay Responses to Cadmium in Effluent Dominated Systems
Fluoxetine Poster Minnow Poster Presentation Report Journal Article
Bryan Brooks
Yesim Buyukates , Texas A&M University
Plankton Succession: Investigation Regarding New Approaches to Management
Report Report
Yesim Buyukates
Biswaranjan Das , Texas Tech University
Towards an Integrated Water Planning Model for the Texas High Plains
Biswaranjan Das
Richard Hoffpauir , Texas A&M University
Incorporation of Salinity in Evaluating Water Availability
Poster Presentation
Richard Hoffpauir
Jeffrey Johnson , Texas Tech University
Regional Economic Impacts of Aquifer Decline in the Southern High Plains of Texas
Jeffrey Johnson
Balaji Narasimhan , Texas A&M University
Determination of Regional Scale Evapotranspiration of Texas from a NOAA-AVHRR Satellite
AVHRR Presentation Soil Moisture Index Presentation
Balaji Narasimhan
Rafael Pérez , University of Texas Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas
Fluctuating Environmental Parameters in Red Drum Nursery Habitats: The Influence of Habitat Quality on Larval Growth and Endocrine Function
Rafael Pérez
Andres Salazar , Texas A&M University
Conditional Reliability Modeling to Support Short-Term River Basin Management Decisions
Andres Salazar
Daniel Stein , University of Texas at Austin
Texas Groundwater Management and Global Applications
Daniel Stein
Kevin Yeager , Texas A&M University
Resolution of Fluvial Sediment Sources, Residence Times and Resuspension Using Lithogenic, Atmospheric and Cosmogenic Radionuclides, Bayou Loco, Texas
Journal Article
Kevin Yeager
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