2002-03 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2002-03 to the graduate students listed below.

Jude Benavides , Rice
Enhanced Flood Warnings for the Texas Medical Center: A Second Generation Flood Alert System (FAS2)
Proposal Report
Jude Benavides
Amanda Bragg , Texas A&M University
Reduced Phosphorus Pollution from Dairies by Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater through Precipitation of Struvite
Proposal Report
Amanda Bragg
Mandy Burgess , West Texas A&M University
Relationship Between Charcoal Rot, Crop Water Use Efficiency, and Irrigation Management In Grain Sorghum
Proposal Report
Mandy Burgess
Nyland Falkenberg , Texas A&M University
Increase Water Use Efficiency: Implementation of Limited Irrigation For Crop Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management
Proposal Presentation Report
Nyland Falkenberg
Jordan Furnans , University of Texas
Higher-Order Statistics in Transport and Evolution of Algae Blooms
Proposal Report
Jordan Furnans
Jennifer Hadley , Texas A&M University
Real-Time Distributed Runoff Estimation Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data
Proposal Presentation
Jennifer Hadley
Kevin Heflin , West Texas A&M University
Reduced Phosphorus Concentrations in Feedlot Manure and Runoff
Kevin Heflin
Audra Morse , Texas Tech University
Fate of a representative pharmaceutical in the environment
Audra Morse
Matt Simmons , Texas A&M University
Urban Forested Wetland Restoration
Proposal Report Presentation Poster
Matt Simmons
Judy Vader , Texas A&M University
Adsorption & Desorption of Atrazineon in Selected Lake Sediments in Texas
Proposal Presentation Poster
Judy Vader
June Wolfe , Baylor University
The Role of Suspended Clays in Phosphorus Processing by Lotic Periphyton
Proposal Presentation
June Wolfe
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