2003-04 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2003-04 to the graduate students listed below.

Jason Afinowicz , Texas A&M University
Determining a Method for Targeting Brush Control through Remote Sensing, GIS, and Hydrologic Modeling
Proposal Report Poster Presentation
Jason Afinowicz
Jonathan Goodall , University of Texas at Austin
Coupling Modular Hydrologic Models with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Proposal Presentation Progress Report
Jonathan Goodall
Roger Havlak , Texas A&M University
Predicting Water Use in Urban Residential Landscapes
Proposal Report Presentation
Roger Havlak
Alyce Lee , Texas A&M University
Biotic Responses to Reduced Freshwater Inputs into Texas Bays: Hypersalinity Effects on Benthic Microalgal Community Structure and Function
Proposal Poster Progress Report
Alyce Lee
Ju Young Lee , Texas A&M University
Quantification of Stochastic Crop-Water Production Functions and Net Profit-Water Functions for Agriculture on the Edwards Aquifer
Proposal Progress Report
Ju Young Lee
Yoko Masue , Texas A&M University
Adsorption, Desorption, and Stabilization Behavior of Arsenic on AI-3+ Substituted Fe+3 Hydrous Oxides
Proposal Progress Report
Yoko Masue
Alyson McDonald , Texas A&M University
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Pecos River Ecosystem Project
Proposal Progress Report
Alyson McDonald
Brandon McDonald , Texas A&M University
Relating Nutrient Imports to Exports and Losses During Sod Production
Proposal Progress Report Research Photos
Brandon McDonald
Catalina Ordonez , University of Texas at El Paso
Natural Remediation of Contaminants Along the Forgotten River Stretch of the Rio Grande
Proposal Progress Report
Catalina Ordonez
Shane Porter , Texas A&M University
Measuring Infiltration Using a Rainfall Simulator to Comparing Shrub and Water Interactions of Brush Species
Proposal Progress Report
Shane Porter
Leslie Randolph , Texas A&M University
Spatial and Temporal Characterization of the Radon Distribution in a Region of the Hickory Aquifer in Central Texas: Assessment of Stratigraphy and Groundwater Dynamics on Radon Concentrations
Proposal Progress Report
Leslie Randolph
Gil Strassberg , University of Texas at Austin
Groundwater Data Modeling for ArcHydro
Proposal Progress Report AWRA Paper Presentation
Gil Strassberg
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