2007-08 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2007-08 to the graduate students listed below.

Narendra Das , Texas A&M University
Development of an algorithm to create repository of soil moisture and evapotranspiration maps for the State of Texas
Proposal Final Report
Narendra Das
Stephanie Johnson , University of Texas
Intra-Watershed Modeling of Bacterial Contamination
Proposal Final Report (AWRA) Final Report (EWRI)
Stephanie Johnson
Tae Jin Kim , Texas A&M University
Reallocation of Reservoir Storage Capacity between Flood Control and Conservation Purposes
Proposal Final Report
Tae Jin Kim
Steve Oswalt , Texas Tech University
Optimizing Irrigation of oilseed crops on the Texas High plains
Proposal Final Report
Steve Oswalt
Nithya Rajan , Texas Tech University
Comparative evaluation of actual crop water use of forage sorghum and corn for silage
Proposal Final Report
Nithya Rajan
Kendra Johnson Riebschleager , Texas A&M University
Bacterial Impairment Assessment for Lake Granbury Watershed
Proposal Final Report
Kendra Johnson Riebschleager
Ronnie Schnell , Texas A&M University
Chemicially Treated Composted Biosolids Enhance Water Conservation and Quality on Urban Landscapes
Proposal Final Report
Ronnie Schnell
Theodore Valenti , Baylor University
Water Quality Influences on Ionizable Contaminants in the Brazos River Basin: Implications for Water Resource Managemetn of Urbanizing Watersheds
Proposal Final Report
Theodore Valenti
Corinne Wong , University of Texas
Evaluating the impacts of brush clearing on reacharge of a karst aquifer
Proposal Final Report
Corinne Wong
Fanwei Zeng , Rice University
Carbon isotopic measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon: A new tool to assess groundwater-river exchanged in the Brazos River Basin
Proposal Final Report
Fanwei Zeng
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