2008-09 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2008-09 to the graduate students listed below.

Brigit Afshar , University of Texas
Microbial Source Tracking in Drinking Water from Rainwater Harvesting
Proposal Final Report Abstract
Brigit Afshar
Deepti Puri , Texas A&M University
Uncertainty Analysis of a Statistical Model for Pathogen Contamination Assessment in Two Texas River Basins
Proposal Final Report
Deepti Puri
Eric Hersh , University of Texas
An Environmental Flows Information System for Texas
Proposal Final Report Poster
Eric Hersh
Champa Joshi , Texas A&M University
Uncertainty Analysis of Recharge to the Edwards Aquifer using Bayesian Model Averaging Scheme
Proposal Final Report
Champa Joshi
Kranthi Mandadi , Texas A&M University
Mitigating demand for irrigated water used in agriculture by genetically enhancing crop plants to be productive in minimal water conditions
Proposal Final Report
Kranthi Mandadi
Emily Martin , Texas A&M University
Development of a Library-Independent Bacterial Source Tracking Markers for Species-Specific Discrimination of Deer and Cattle Fecal Contamination in Surface Waters
Proposal Final Report
Emily Martin
Sivarajah Mylevaganam , Texas A&M University
Effect of grid sizes as subbasins on SWAT model hydrologic and water quality predictions
Proposal Final Report
Sivarajah Mylevaganam
Emily Seawright , Texas A&M University
Economic Impacts of Biological Control of Arundo donax in the Rio Grande Basin
Proposal Final Report
Emily Seawright
David Watts , Texas A&M University
Ecohydrology and ecophysiology of Arundo donax (giant reed)
Proposal Final Report
David Watts
Bo Yang , Texas A&M University
Using SWAT to Compare Planning Methods for Neighborhoods: Case Study of Stormwater in The Woodlands, Texas
Proposal Final Report
Bo Yang
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