2009-10 USGS Research Grant Recipients

The Texas Water Resources Institute awarded USGS Research Grants in 2009-10 to the graduate students listed below.

Thomas Abia , Texas A&M University
In Situ Groundwater Arsenic Removal using Iron Oxide Coated Sand
Proposal Final Report
Thomas Abia
Joy Archuleta-Truesdale , University of Texas El Paso
Sources and Risks of Waterborne Pathogens in the El Paso del Norte Region
Proposal Final Report
Joy Archuleta-Truesdale
Deborah Carr , Texas Tech University
Biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) at an effluent land application site
Proposal Final Report
Deborah Carr
Dex Dean , Texas A&M University
Ecohydrology of Forested Wetlands on the Texas Gulf Coast
Proposal Final Report
Dex Dean
Takele Dinka , Texas A&M University
Influence of Land Use and Terrain on Surface Hydrology in Shrink-Swell Soils
Proposal Final Report
Takele Dinka
Adcharee Karnjanapiboonwong , Texas Tech University
Occurance of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) at an effluent-dominated wastewater apllication site: Estrogens, Triclosan and Caffeine
Proposal Final Report
Adcharee Karnjanapiboonwong
Andrew Leidner , Texas A&M University
Economic analysis of proposed seawater desalination facility in Brownsville, TX
Proposal Final Report
Andrew Leidner
Israel Parker , Texas A&M University
Role of Free-ranging Wildlife in the Deposition of Escherichia coli into a Texas River Floodplain
Proposal Final Report
Israel Parker
Aarin Teague , Rice University
Lake Houston Watershed Water Quality Prediction System
Proposal Final Report
Aarin Teague
Yujin Wen , Texas A&M University
Regulated Deficit Irrigation Application and Cotton Production in SW Texas
Proposal Final Report
Yujin Wen
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