Angelina River above Sam Rayburn Watershed Water Quality

AngelinaPhoto by Ed Rhodes

Four waterbodies in the Angelina River above Sam Rayburn watershed in East Texas are currently listed in the Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality for not meeting the state’s water quality standard for E. coli. There are also  concerns for depressed dissolved oxygen, elevated nitrate, ammonium, and total phosphorus in these waters. Through this project, we are investigating the current water quality in this watershed through an integrated assessment of existing watershed and water quality data, collection and additional intensive water quality data analysis. We are engaging with local stakeholders. By gaining a better understanding of water quality drivers and transferring this information to stakeholders, stakeholders will be able select a restoration strategy that is appropriate for this area or smaller watersheds within this larger subbasin.


  • Evaluate existing data to describe potential causes and sources of pollution in the watershed
  • Work with the Angelina & Neches River Authority (ANRA) to supplement existing water quality and quantity data through targeted intensive surface water quality monitoring at nine monitoring sites throughout the watershed
  • Develop and maintain a successful public participation program, including a general education campaign and stakeholder group
  • Establish an analytical framework for developing a future watershed-based plan for all or portions of the Angelina River above Sam Rayburn watershed
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