Texas Bacterial Source Tracking

For more than a decade, the Texas BST Library has successfully identified sources of E. coli in dozens of watersheds across Texas.

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Bacterial source tracking (BST) is a valuable tool that can identify, and also rule-out, significant sources of E. coli pollution in a watershed.Using DNA fingerprints and bacterial markers, fecal pollution sources are identified by comparing E. coli DNA to those in a statewide library of known sources.

Bacterial source tracking can:

  • Identify primary sources of E. coli
  • Illustrate the relative abundance of E. coli from identified sources
  • Determine the presence or absence of major watershed sources
  • Inform watershed management decisions
  • Allow resources to be used wisely and focused where pollutant reductions are needed most

We provide:

  • Timely results
  • Thorough quality assurance and control standards
  • Easy to understand presentation and interpretation of results
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