Texas Well Owner Network hosting August trainings and screenings

Anyone interested in private water well management is invited to attend upcoming Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) trainings and screenings around the state.

TWON Well Educated trainings are free, half- to one-day educational trainings for Texas residents who depend on household wells for their water needs. Well Educated trainings are for private well owners who want to become familiar with groundwater resources, septic system maintenance, well maintenance, water conservation, water quality and water treatment.

As part of the Well Educated training, participants can bring well water samples to be screened for common contaminants, such as fecal coliform bacteria, nitrates, arsenic and high salinity. The cost is typically around $10 per sample, due when the samples are turned in. Samples are not required, but participants must attend the training to get their samples analyzed.

Upcoming Well Educated trainings are scheduled for:

TWON Well Informed one-hour screenings are educational programs that give well owners the opportunity to have their well water samples screened for common contaminants, including fecal coliform bacteria, nitrates and high salinity. The screening of the water sample is followed by a one-hour explanation of the screening results and water well protection practices and focuses on wellhead protection and recommendations for remediating well contamination.

Upcoming Well Informed screenings are scheduled for:

For more details on each Well Educated training and Well Informed session, interested individuals should visit the TWON website.

TWON is funded through a Clean Water Act 319(h) nonpoint source grant provided by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The project is managed by the Texas Water Resources Institute.

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