TWRI water team publishes reports, newsletters, fact sheets

Throughout the year, Texas Water Resources Institute's water team publishes technical reports as projects are wrapped up or have new publications related to activity on the project. The team also publishes fact sheets, newsletters and other outreach publications to help keep our stakeholders informed of activities. All are posted to our website.

Here are the most recently published technical reports for projects the team is working on:

TR-511: Escherichia coli and Dissolved Oxygen Trends in the Upper Llano River Watershed, Texas (2001-2016)

TR-509: Coordinating Implementation of the Upper Llano River Watershed Protection Plan

TR-508: Texas Bacterial Source Tracking Program Application, Expansion and Marker Evaluation (FY16–FY17)

TR-507: Lavaca River Watershed Protection Plan

TR-506: Continued Statewide Delivery of the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON)

TR-505: Implementation of Intensive Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation to Support the Lake O’ the Pines National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI) – Phase I Final Report

TR-503: Texas Watershed Planning Training Project Final Report 2017

TR-500: Tres Palacios Creek Watershed Protection Plan

The Tres Palacios Watershed recently published a newsletter, a WPP Factsheet and a Healthy Livestock fact sheet for its stakeholders and the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership recently published its Fall 2018 newsletter for stakeholders.

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