Climate impacts on agricultural, ecological systems highlighted at conference

The climate and its impacts on agricultural and ecological systems were highlighted in a recent symposium held at the Texas A&M AgriLife Center on the Texas A&M University campus in College Station.

The conference was part of the Texas A&M University Grand Challenge initiative funded by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. A variety of scholars from around the world presented research on the evolving climate and associated issues affecting both agriculture and ecological systems.

The symposium was organized and planned by Texas A&M professors Drs. David Briske, ecosystems and science management; Thomas Lacher Jr., wildlife and fisheries science; Bruce McCarl, agricultural economics; and Ramalingam Saravanan, atmospheric sciences.

Discussions initially focused on what has happened in terms of past climate trends and future prospects. They then turned to the vulnerability of ecological systems and agriculture in Texas as well as other semi-arid regions. Participants focused on the capacity to foresee future vulnerability and how to limit disruptive climate impacts through land and wildlife management.

Speakers shared various perspectives on climate change, ecological and agricultural research findings and U.S. Department of Agriculture international agency programs to address the challenge.

Symposium organizers say the event will serve as a starting point to promote future collaboration among academic disciplines to develop research programs that will enable Texas to effectively cope with future climate conditions.

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