Allen Berthold discusses managing water for agricultural use

Dr. Allen Berthold spends much of his time thinking about water.

Berthold has spent the last 13 years at the Texas Water Resources Institute, where he has worked on a number of projects, including guiding communities through the watershed protection planning process and identifying alternative water sources for agricultural producers in the Rio Grande Valley.

When it comes to farming and ranching, maintaining a reliable water supply is crucial, said Berthold, who is the institute's associate director.

"We're working to help ensure there are supplies to produce agricultural products in Texas in the long run, as well as maintain water quality throughout the state," he said.

At this year's South Texas Farm & Ranch Show, Berthold plans to discuss the statewide water planning process, with a focus on some water supply projects currently planned for the Coastal Bend region. 

He also plans to address water quality and talk about steps being taken to ensure water quality across the state.

"I'll talk broadly about some of the different sources and practices, and technical assistance for different practices that help producers maximize their operation," Berthold said.

Increasing energy rates is something else that Berthold is keeping an eye on.

"If you're irrigating, you rely heavily on energy to be able to pump water from the ground," he said.

Berthold received a bachelor’s degree in agricultural leadership and development in 2008, a master’s degree in water management and hydrological science in 2010, a certificate in nonprofit management in 2013 and a doctorate in agricultural leadership, education and communications in 2014 from Texas A&M University.

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