Finding solutions for environmental and water issues

Beginning in high school, Molly McKinney ’23 knew she wanted to pursue a water management and conservation career. Her participation in several water conservation programs led the junior environmental studies major from San Antonio to the Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology.

In the department, the Bioenvironmental Sciences Program (BESC) offers two degrees: bioenvironmental sciences and environmental studies. The bioenvironmental sciences degree appeals to students pursuing science-intensive careers in environmental remediation or science-based professional school programs. Students interested in the policy and regulatory aspects of environmental issues often choose to major in environmental studies.

Either major prepares students for career options in the variety of disciplines within environmental science, including environmental consulting, waste management, remediation and environmental policy and law.

“This field of study ensures that future generations have the same standards of water, air quality and waste management we have today,” said McKinney. “I hope to work for either a groundwater conservation district or river authority in Texas.”

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Helen White

By Helen White

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