Water Conservation Advisory Council seeks stakeholder input in evapotranspiration data survey

The Water Conservation Advisory Council (WCAC) is seeking help with determining the level of stakeholder interest in advancing and supporting the accessibility of evapotranspiration (ET) data in Texas. Many stakeholders currently and historically have relied on ET data to effectively manage and communicate irrigation best management practices. WCAC is interested in reliable ET data because of the many water management benefits for agricultural and municipal water users.

Please help WCAC by providing valuable feedback and complete the 5-minute survey by Friday, February 25, 2022. 

Click here to take the survey: ET Data Survey

About ET networks

ET networks are made up of local or regional weather stations to provide information to support irrigation and water management activities. ET is a measurement of the total amount of water needed to grow plants and crops. This term comes from the words evaporation (of water from the soil) and transpiration (of water by plants). Different plants have different water requirements, so they have different ET rates. Calculating ET requires measuring solar radiation, wind, relative humidity and temperature with specific sensors, and it is widely used for irrigation water management and crop production. ET network weather stations are equipped to measure data, calculate plant water requirements, and share this information to end users. Access to ET data across the state is currently limited.

About WCAC

WCAC, created by the Texas Legislature in 2007, establishes a professional forum for the continuing development of water conservation resources, expertise and progress evaluation of the highest quality for the benefit of Texas. Appointed by the Texas Water Development Board, WCAC represents 23 entities and interest groups. Learn more at www.savetexaswater.org.

Contact Josh Sendejar, WCAC water conservation specialist, for more information.


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