Allen Berthold

Allen Berthold

Interim Director (979) 314-2467

Allen Berthold, Ph.D., is the interim director at the Texas Water Resources Institute, where he has worked since 2009.

During his time at the institute, Allen has served in leadership roles for water-related projects in both agricultural and urban settings across Texas. His previous work has focused on helping local stakeholders address in-stream water-quality impairments by guiding them through the watershed protection planning process. Allen has also been involved in research programs focused on identifying potential savings by making advanced metering infrastructure data available to homeowners and on understanding the challenges water utilities face nationwide. Currently, he is a member of a team of researchers identifying alternative sources of water for agricultural production in the Rio Grande Basin and how those sources can most efficiently be used.

His professional interests include: (1) understanding factors that drive behavioral change to encourage water conservation in both urban and agricultural settings, (2) developing new technologies and strategies to maximize water-use efficiency, (3) engaging local stakeholders to develop watershed protection plans and (4) developing education programs for professionals, landowners and homeowners.

Allen received a bachelor’s degree in agricultural leadership and development in 2008, a master’s degree in water management and hydrological science in 2010, a certificate in nonprofit management in 2013 and a doctorate in agricultural leadership, education and communications in 2014 from Texas A&M University.