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Proper training of watershed coordinators and water professionals is needed to ensure that watershed protection efforts are adequately planned, coordinated and implemented. To provide this training, the Texas Watershed Planning Short Course was developed through a coordinated effort led by the Texas Water Resources Institute and funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through either the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board.

Since 2008, ten week-long Watershed Planning Short Courses have been hosted, providing training to over 242 watershed professionals on sustainable proactive approaches to managing water quality throughout the state. The Watershed Planning Short Course provides guidance on stakeholder coordination, education, and outreach; meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's nine key elements of a watershed protection plan; data collection and analysis; and the tools available for plan development.

What previous participants say about the Texas Watershed Planning Short Course:

"Thanks again for assembling another great training"
"Great job AgriLife folks! Thanks for all of your hard work putting this course together in a condensed version, while retaining essential pieces. Very well done."
"Thank you for the immense amount of work that went into presenting this course! So many great people."

Knowledge gained in previous Texas Watershed Planning Short Courses:

Lucas Gregory

Dr. Lucas Gregory currently serves as an assistant director and quality assurance officer for TWRI.

Nathan Glavy

As program specialist for TWRI, Nathan Glavy works on the development and execution of watershed planning projects and trainings, the watershed coordinator development program, and the water quality and riparian education programs.


The Texas Water Resources Institute is offering two Watershed Planning Program trainings for watershed coordinators and other water professionals involved in watershed-based planning in Texas.

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