What are EPA's 9 Key Elements for a potentially successful WPP?

What is EPA looking for in a Watershed Protection Plan?

  • Designed to restore water quality from nonpoint source impairments
  • Utilizes stakeholder process to engage all that are affected by the impairments
  • Clearly articulates the problems and describes what needs to be done to achieve water quality standards

EPA's 9 key elements...

  1. Element A - Causes/Sources of Pollution Identified
  2. Element B - Expected Load Reductions for Solutions Identified
  3. Element C - Nonpoint Source Management Measures Identified
  4. Element D - Technical and Financial Assistance
  5. Element E - Education and Outreach
  6. Element F - Implementation Schedule
  7. Element G - Milestones Identified
  8. Element H - Load Reduction Evaluation Criteria
  9. Element I - Monitoring

U.S. EPA Region 6 Review Guide For Watershed-Based Plans

Lucas Gregory

Lucas Gregory, Ph.D., currently serves as associate director of research – physical sciences.


The Texas Water Resources Institute is offering two Watershed Planning Program trainings for watershed coordinators and other water professionals involved in watershed-based planning in Texas.