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The Digital Now for Natural Resource Professionals: Online in the 21st Century

The Digital Now for Natural Resource Professionals: Online in the 21st Century

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Online is now firmly front and center for most of our organizations and agencie…

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    The Texas Watershed Planning Short Course project provides the needed training and promotes sustainable proactive approaches to managing water quality throughout the state. This weeklong course provides participants with guidance on stakeholder coordination, education and outreach; meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) nine key elements of a watershed protection plan; data collection and analysis; and the tools available for plan development. This information is presented through lectures and case studies.

    After completing the short course, participants are invited to attend Texas Watershed Coordinator Roundtables, held biannually, to discuss current issues and updates to watershed protection plans, discuss strategies for successful implementation and answer questions or concerns.

    Additional workshops are offered to further assist watershed coordinators with effective stakeholder engagement to address watershed issues. The Stakeholder Facilitation Training aims to highlight tools used to effectively identify, engage and involve stakeholders throughout a watershed to restore and maintain healthy environmental conditions. Other courses developed include an Introduction to Modeling training; training on the use of Load Duration Curves and the Spatially Explicit Load Enrichment Calculation Tool; and Fundamentals of Developing a Water Quality Monitoring Plan.

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    Lucas Gregory

    Dr. Lucas Gregory currently serves as a senior research scientist and quality assurance officer for TWRI.

    Nathan Glavy

    As Extension program specialist for TWRI, Nathan Glavy works on the development and execution of watershed planning projects and trainings, the watershed coordinator development program, and the water quality and riparian education programs.


    The Texas Water Resources Institute is offering two Watershed Planning Program trainings for watershed coordinators and other water professionals involved in watershed-based planning in Texas.