2008-09 Mills Scholarship Recipients

Dipankar Dwivedi

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Develop an understanding and systematically investigate the transport and fate of E. coli in Lake Granbury

Cara Harclerode

Soil and Crop Sciences

Tracking E. coli and nutrients in a local impaired stream

Leon Holgate

Soil and Crop Sciences

Irrigation water source: effect on soil nutrient dynamics and microbial diversity

Sanghyun Kim

Civil Engineering

Enhancement and evaluation of microbial degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds

Chihun Lee

Civil Engineering

Investigation of the impacts of natural salt pollution on water supply capabilities of river/reservoir systems in Texas

Andrew Leidner

Agricultural Economics

Analysis of economic models for desalination production and associated energy use

Reema Padia

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Identification, characterization, and quantification of E. coli loads resulting from various sources in Cedar Creek watershed

Israel Parker

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

A study to identify, characterize, and quantify E. coli deposition from free-ranging wildlife populations into a floodplain adjacent to an impaired water body

Bailey Sullivan

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Antibiotic resistance reservoirs and transfer mechanisms in natural and engineered aquatic systems

Chan Yong Sung


Low Impact Development for Protecting Urban Riparian Ecosystem: Evaluation of Watershed Protection Ordinance in City of Austin, Texas

Sean Tolle

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Modeling the transport of nitrogen from its sources through the vadose zone and aquifer system with advanced modeling and data assimilation techniques

Bhavana Viswanathan


The effect of impervious pavements on soil-water health, water quality and runoff in manure American sweet gum plots

Yujin Wen

Soil and Crop Sciences

Deficit irrigation planning in the Texas Wintergarden