2009-10 Mills Scholarship Recipients

Bhavna Arora

Water Management and Hydrological Science

To understand and control contamination in the unsaturated zone, and to prevent transport of harmful chemicals to groundwater

Hannah Childress

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Characterize and investigate the effectiveness of UV light disinfection in reducing the concentration of tetracycline-resistant genes

Chandana Damodaram

Civil Engineering

Building a simulation model and modeling approach to study the hydrologic performance of LID

Takele Dinka

Soil and Crop Sciences

Spatial and temporal variation of soil shrink-swell activity in a Vertisols catena

Celso Ferreira

Civil Engineering

Damage estimation of hurricane flooding in Corpus Christi, Texas, under global warming scenarios

Marcio Hofheinz Giacomoni

Civil Engineering

Implementing the Hydrologic Footprint Model to model BMPs and LID and determine downstream effects

Yixiao Liu

Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

Green roof technology in its effectiveness to mitigate storm water runoff from rooftops at Texas A&M University

Di Long

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Estimation of actual evaportranspiration across the state of Texas from remote sensing data

Leonardo Rivera

Soil and Crop Sciences

Scaling infiltration measurements in shrink-swell soils: effects of land use and landscape position

Sanjay Tewari

Civil Engineering

Desorption of adsorbed ions and regeneration of CA